Standard services are listed below. However I can customize a system that suits your companies needs.

  • Recording, classifying, and reconciliation of bank accounts and/or credit cards.
  • Recording, classifying, and posting transactions.
  • Adjusting Entries
  • 3 financial reports monthly
  • Email support
  • Up to 1 hour of consultation calls per month
  • Year-end financials for your tax professional

Cleanup of financials

  • Falling behind in your bookkeeping? 
  • Behind on your books or taxes? 
  • Have books set up but they are a mess? 
  • I can help you get your books cleaned up, caught up, and ready to file

Review & Support

We believe having a good understanding of where a business’ money is coming from and going is crucial to that business’ growth.

  • Typically provided in conjunction with monthly Bookkeeping and Controller Services
  • Provide in-depth review of all three financial statements
  • Answers to all your QuickBooks® and accounting questions
  • Guidance through any issues/errors you come across

Controller Services

Going beyond bookkeeping!

  • Provide critical oversight and account management.
  • Streamline your process!
  • Reduce costs!
  • Invoice verification
  • Accounts receivable management and invoicing
  • Accounts payable management and bill pay.
  • Budgeting
  • Job Costing
  • Class tracking (to track profitability by department or product/services
  • Location tracking (to track profitability by location)
  • Assistance with complex accounting issues

Payroll Services

  • Maintain employee records.
  • Process weekly / bi-weekly / semi-monthly / monthly payroll
  • Provide pay stubs for distribution to employees.
  • Provide summary and / or detailed payroll reports.
  • Prepare 941 deposits with instructions on how and when to pay.
  • Prepare all monthly and quarterly federal, state, and local payroll returns.
  • Provide instructions on how and when to pay payroll taxes and where to file returns.
  • Prepare all year end reporting – includes W2’s and annual reconciliation returns.

Tax Services

  • Tax preparation

Setup & Training for QuickBooks®

Let us help you get your QuickBooks® setup and dialed in. We will show you everything you need to do to keep your books accurate and up to date!

  • Account setup
  • Training for QuickBooks®
  • 3-month availability for questions
  • Perfect for brand new business owners who want to do the books themselves

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